Sunday, January 6, 2013

Phasing was a good run....

Well, as the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. This blog, Listening to the Giants, was a joy and a great first blog to "cut my teeth on", but it is time to shut it down and move forward.

Now a couple housekeeping items.

First, the concept and focus of examining the Giants will continue on in my new blog, . I am presently beginning John Knox and I am excited about the weeks ahead.

Second, the added content will focus around "thoughtful engagement of today's culture" (hence, the present part of the blog title). I found myself wanted to comment on the issues of the day, but felt locked in to sticking to the focus of this blog, which was the "men of old".

Finally, I want those who read and followed my blog to stay with me. I am committed to continuing to write at a higher literary level and maybe encourage us on our journey towards the Celestial City.

So again, this blog, Listening to the Giants, will soon phase out....but it is being replaced with something, in my opinion, that will be better and more comprehensive.

Here is the link again:

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  1. You should let the TeamPro guys know so they can update their links.