Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Facts about John Knox: 

  • He remarried a woman named Margaret Stewart (age 17), who was 33 years younger than Knox.

  • 1/5 of his writings were about predestination.

  • John Calvin was his primary mentor.

  • Knox wrote none of his sermons down (only two sermons survived).

  • He was his spiritual father’s bodyguard and carried a broadsword.

  • His son-in-law was in prison for insubordination to the throne. The king asked Elizabeth (Knox’s daughter) to persuade her husband to submit to his authority. Her response: “Please your Majesty, I’d rather have his head here.”

  • Knox is one of the four reformers on the wall of Geneva. The words next to the Scottish reformer, “One man with God is always in the majority.” 

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